The coffee you bought from your grocer. The pulled pork sandwich you had for lunch. The new shirt you bought today. These products and services are just a few examples of low-wage jobs that proliferate throughout the State of North Carolina. Low-wage work is conducted in businesses many residents patronize and is connected to products and services they consume often. The prevalence of low-wage work has profound impacts on the capabilities of workers to sustain their families.  Yet, the impact of low-wage work radiates well beyond the person who is employed or the employer to several different segments of an economic ecosystem.  

Acknowledging these interconnected relationships, this website explores the extent and impact of low-wage in the State of North Carolina.  It is organized by four main topics: people in low-wage jobs; industries in which low-wage work is found; the geography, or places, where low-wage work is concentrated; and the potential impacts of changing public policy. We believe these four areas provide a thorough snapshot of the state of low-wage work in NC.